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Quick Steps for First-Time Setup of 123.hp.com Printer

The first-time setup of 123.hp.com printer is the fundamental step which is carried out by the users after purchasing a new printer. It includes unboxing, installing, establishing power connection, installing printer cartridges and inserting paper to print out.

  1. Verify the authorized seal present on top of printer carton when a new 123.hp.com printer is shipped to your house.

123.hp.com/setup: HP Printer Driver Download Setup

If you want to run your printer and get the print out in output tray then you need to install the drivers and software on your computer or laptop. Printer drivers enables you to print and send the printing command to 123.hp.com printer.

  1. Turn on your computer and printer.

Our Working Process

Step 1: Talk to our experts

Get technical assistance and solutions for your printer setup and its related issues. Our team helps in resolving your 123.hp.com printer problems within seconds.

Step 2: Discuss your problem faced with printer

Don’t hesitate to call us or chat with us if you have any trouble with 123.hp.com printer. Our experts listen to your problem and provide you an instant solution.

Step 3: Proper solution is given to your problem with printer

Call to our technician at any time to get proper solution related to any printer issue faced by you from unboxing to setup of your printer.

Step 4: Get your issue fixed

You only need to follow some simple steps or instructions given by consultants in fix the issues related to printer. Our experts help in resolving printer errors.

Step 5: Easy guide for printer setup

Sort out the printer errors by taking the help from our customer team. You just need to click on call button and take tech assistants to resolve 123.hp.com printer issues.

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